Twenty-Four Clock

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Twenty-Four Clock

Uniquely stylish analog clock app with original design and twenty four hour clock dial. The design is made by an artist in accord with the style of the classical and modern clock designs. The twenty four hour scale gives a radical new perception of the current time, barely experienced on an analog clock. The clock is equipped with all functions an analog clock can provide as: calendar, stopwatch, tachymeter, showing the phase of the moon and the zodiac sign. Additionally you can organize marks for events, meetings, etc. directly on the clock'c face. Works realistically like a real mechanical clock ticking with charming sound.

- Gorgeous design.
- Time display system using twenty hour analog dial.
- Stopwatch function.
- Tachymeter scale.
- Date, month and day of the week calendar.
- Moon phase.
- Zodiac sign.
- Stylish and friendly users guide.
- Organizing marks for occasional events.
- Easy to use.
- Hamsters friendly :)

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